The Attica Uprising and Aftermath

Memorandum and Order by the Honorable John T. Elfvin, United States District Court, Western District of New York in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi, et al. v. Estate of Oswald, et al.

Order, dated June 8, 1993, by the Honorable John T. Elfvin, United States District Court, Western District of New York in Buffalo in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi a/k/a Herbert Scott Dean;, Big Black a/k/a Frank Smith; Elizabeth Durham, Mother and Legal Representative of Allen Durham, deceased; Litho Lundy, Mother and Legal Representative of Charles Lundy, deceased; Theresa Hicks, Widow and Legal Representative of Thomas Hicks, deceased; Alice McNeil, Mother and Legal Representative of Lorenzo McNeil, deceased; Maria Santos, Mother and Legal Representative of Santiago Santos, deceased; Laverne Barkley, Mother and Legal Representative of L.D. Barkley, deceased; Jomo Joka Omowale a/k/a Eric Thompson; Vernon Lafranque; Alfred Plummer; Herbert X. Blyden; Joseph Little; Robin Palmer; George “Che” Nieves; James B. “Red” Murphy; Thomas Louk; Peter Butler; Charles “Flip” Crowley; William Maynard, Jr.; Calvin Hudson; Kimanthi Mpingo a/k/a Edward Dingle; Kendu Haiku a/k/a Willie Stoke;, Ooji Kwesi Sekou a/k/a Chris Reed; Philip “Wald” Shields; Jerome Rosenberg; Alphonso Ross; Frank Lott; Gary Richard Haynes; Raymond Sumpter; Omar Sekou Toure a/k/a Otis McGaughey; Dacajeweiah a/k/a John Hill; and Johnnie Barnes, as Administrator of the goods, chattels, and credits which were of John Barnes, deceased Plaintiffs v. Kurt G. Oswald, as Administrator of the Estate of Russell G. Oswald; John S. Keller, as the Administrator of the Estate of John Monahan, Vincent Mancusi and Karl Pfeil, Defendants. The Order addresses the subject of subclasses. A transmittal letter dated June 14, 1993, from Rodney C. Early, Clerk of this Court, is attached.
Identifier: OAG_00002732
Document Date: June 8 1993
Al-Jundi, Akil,
Barkley, L.D.,
Barkley, Laverne,
Barnes, John,
Barnes, Johnnie,
Berens, Jr., Donald P.,
Big Black,
Blyden, Herbert X.,
Butler, Peter,
Crowley, Charles "Flip",
Cunningham, Dennis,
Deane, Herbert Scott,
Deutsch, Michael,
Dingle, Edward,
Durham, Allen,
Durham, Elizabeth,
Early, Rodney C.,
Effron, Joshua,
Elfvin, John T.,
Elmore, John,
Fink, Elizabeth,
Haiku, Kendu,
Haynes, Gary Richard,
Heath, Joseph,
Hicks, Theresa,
Hicks, Thomas,
Hill, John,
Hudson, Calvin,
Keller, John S.,
Lafranque, Vernon,
Little, Joseph,
Lott, Frank,
Louk, Thomas,
Lundy, Charles,
Lundy, Litho,
Maghran, Irving,
Mancusi, Vincent,
Maynard, William,
McGaughey, Otis,
McNeil, Alice,
McNeil, Lorenzo,
Meyers, Daniel,
Monahan, John,
Moot, Richard,
Mpingo, Kimanthi,
Murphy, James B. "Red",
Nieves, George,
Omowale, Jomo Joka,
Oswald, Kurt G.,
Oswald, Russell G.,
Palmer, Robin,
Pfeil, Karl,
Plummer, Alfred,
Reed, Chris (Oji),
Rifkin, Richard,
Rosenberg, Jerome,
Ross, Alphonso,
Santos, Maria,
Santos, Santiago,
Sekou, Oji Kwesi,
Shields, Philip "Wald",
Smith, Frank B.B.,
Stenger, John H.,
Stokes, Willie,
Sumpter, Raymond,
Thompson, Eric,
Toure, Omar Sekou,
Document Type: Court Documents
Alternate Identifier: Case Files: 75-132