The Attica Uprising and Aftermath

Jury Trial Before the Honorable John T. Elfvin

Transcript of jury trial before the Honorable John T. Elfvin, United States District Court, Western District of New York in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi v. the Estate of Nelson A. Rockefeller, Russell Oswald, John Monahan, Vincent Mansuci and Karl Pfeil. The four month liability trial was conducted in 1991 and 1992 in Buffalo, New York. The witness on this date was Jerome L. O'Grady.
Identifier: OAG_00011672
Hearing Dates: November 22 1991
Transcript Certifications: February 9 1992
Banas, Jr., Mitchell J.,
Bolton, Richard,
Brucato, Jr., Robert,
Cunningham, Dennis,
Deutsch, Michael,
Effron, Joshua,
Elfvin, John T.,
Elmore, John,
Fink, Elizabeth,
Heath, Joseph,
Maghran, Irving,
Mancusi, Vincent,
Meyers, Daniel,
Monahan, John,
Moot, Richard,
O'Grady, Jerome L.,
Oswald, Russell G.,
Pfeil, Karl,
Rockefeller, Nelson A.,
Rosenberg, Jerome,
Roshia, Mary Lou,
Smith, Frank B.B.,
Stenger, John H.,
Document Type: Transcripts
Alternate Identifier: Case Files: 75-132