The Attica Uprising and Aftermath

Notice of Appeal of Oswald in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi, et al. v. Rockefeller, et al

Notice of Appeal in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi, et al. v. The Estate of Nelson A. Rockefeller, et al, The Notice, filed July 3, 1990, in the United States District Court, Western District of New York, is signed by John H. Stenger, Counsel for Defendant-Appellant Russell G. Oswald. Also attached is a transmittal letter, dated July 3, 1990, from the Deputy Clerk of the Court, Julie B. Gorski to Mr Stenger.
Identifier: OAG_00015349
Document Date: July 3 1990
Al-Jundi, Akil,
Berens, Jr., Donald P.,
Blyden, Herbert X.,
Cunningham, Dennis,
Deutsch, Michael,
Effron, Joshua,
Fink, Elizabeth,
Gorski, Julie B.,
Maghran, Irving,
McCarthy, Michael,
Moot, Richard,
Oswald, Russell G.,
Rockefeller, Nelson A.,
Rosenberg, Jerome,
Stenger, John H.,
Document Type: Court Documents
Alternate Identifier: Case Files: 75-132